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After carefully washing away the soil from this B&B White Pine from a recognized nursery, we were obviously very disappointed to see the majority of the largest roots had been severed, and very little, if any, live fibrous roots remained. Many others were almost as bad as this one.
Fibrous Roots - Tree Services in Lebanon, MO
This is an example of the fantastic root system that is grown in our nursery. These massive fibrous roots, along with proper planting technique, offer a great advantage to insuring the tree's permanent establishment is successful.
Containerized plants are plants that have either been grown in a container, or have been field dug and root-pruned to fit in a container. Containerized plants are by definition constrained with regard to root growth, and always have at least some girdling roots if they've been in the container over a period of time.

B & B Plants (balled and burlapped) are trees that have been dug with root balls intact, and wrapped with burlap. The primary disadvantage of field grown trees placed into B&B is that as much as 95% of the absorbing roots can be left behind at digging.

Our nursery trees escape the root disadvantages of Container and B&B trees. The most obvious visual difference is the massive fibrous roots that are put into the ground at planting, as shown in the photos above. Having a fantastic root system like that, is an incredible advantage to insuring the tree obtains healthy establishment in its new and permanent environment.